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Saisy Professionals is a private recruitment company based in Konstanz, Germany. Our quality assurance is based on the recognition of the importance of a systematic program for the selection and placement of human resources, which enables us to ascertain important details of our customers' personnel requirements and in return give us the opportunity to customize the services we offer.




Management of international staff who are aligned with national goals and contribute to national development and economic prosperity, with the aim of responsible administration, professionalism and continuous striving for excellent service.




To be the leading customer-centric company in the international human resources industry in terms of satisfied employees, competent candidates and a range of excellent standards, leadership and integrity that offer services that meet the expectations of employers and employees.


Our expertise includes support in hiring the best candidates in the Philippines, Balkans & South-America from qualified, semi-skilled workers to professional and managerial positions. Saisy Professionals UG works for progressive multidisciplinary companies. We research, identify, evaluate and connect them with clear people and are among the best with their special discipline and area of ​​expertise, for which we feel obliged to find first-class experts for our first-class international customers.


  • Social Media Marketing

  • Telemarketing

  • Commercial Ads on print media

  • Online Job Portals

  • Head Hunting

  • Recruitment in the provinces

  • Events



  • Background investigation

  • Employment verification

  • Visa applications

  • Integration seminars on site

  • Language Certificates Telc German B1-B2


Range of Service

  • Candidate selection (large talent pool)

  • Interviews on site or online via Skype

  • Registration with the POEA (Philippine Overseas Employment Agency)

  • Language training in German A1-B2 through our own language schools in the Philippines

  • Close cooperation with language schools in Europe

  • Integration courses / preparatory seminars Preparation for the knowledge test in their home country

  • Translations Registration for the recognition process

  • Travel and health insurance before entering Germany

  • Pick UP service at the airport

  • Assistance in finding accommodation

  • Authorities (Germany / Philippines) Monitoring and support during the approval process Monitoring, reporting 4x a year to the POEA (Philippines only)

  • Integration courses as required in Germany


Recruitment & countries of deployment


Saisy Professionals UG has expanded its broad network through extensive international marketing campaigns. In our talent pool we offer highly qualified specialists from 6 countries.


  • Philippines

  • South America

  • Balkans


Countries of use:


  • Germany Switzerland

  • Great Britain

  • Netherlands

  • Austria


Corporate social responsibility As part of the company's social responsibility. Saisy Professionals UG, the company that is known for its strong sense of corporate social responsibility and its commitment to sustainability and the responsibility of the community, for itself, its stakeholders and the public. In this way, we can include the economic, social and ecological awareness of employees and society.

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